A father is sentenced to imprisonment for not being able to pay a fine because of his inability to pay his family’s medical debts

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It is a tragedy experienced by a family of 3, living in extreme poverty, and their circumstances are difficult, but it seems that irony is related to the tragedy in some way.

Son Lane has been suffering from leukemia since he was five years old, and Mother Heather has discovered that she has Lyme disease, and she suffers from seizures due to the disease continuously. Father Tres works in the morning and evening jobs in Coffeyville, Kansas, USA.

Where the poverty rate of this town is twice the national average of poverty, trying to collect money to spend on his family, and to pay for their treatment.

The family tried to apply for medical insurance, but the matter was difficult to obtain, and the family’s income was not enough to pay its expenses, which forced the father to borrow until the total amount owed reached 70 thousand dollars.

In light of Tres’ inability to pay the amount, a case was filed against him, and he had to appear before the judge in order to prove that he was unable to pay, but he did not go at the time of the session, which led the judge to impose a fine on him estimated at $ 500, on charges of contempt of the court, and when he was unable Tres for paying the fine, he was sentenced to prison.

Ironically, the debt collector Hassenplug has made clear his position that he only does his debt collection work in accordance with the law, knowing that the money paid back to the Coffeyville lawyer, which means that the more he collects a lot of debt, the more it is to his advantage. The October ProPublica report described Hassenplug as the city’s most famous “debt collector”, with 90 people called in one day due to unpaid bills, in a town of 9,000 people.

Commenting on the decision to imprison Tres, Heather told a news agency that the family had to pay the treatment expenses, and she was trying hard to do so, but the family expenses could not cover all of those expenses, including the $ 500 fine, describing the prison sentence to her husband Tres It is not the best solution to pay off that debt.

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